DIY Brownie Mix

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Don't you love how brownies are the perfect treat for almost all occasions? I mean really, who doesn't like brownies? Unless you don't like chocolate, which I just can't fathom. Brownies are good for anytime!

After school treat......brownies

Pot luck dish......brownies

Bake sale......brownies

I had a hard day treat......brownies

Thank you treat with a note......brownies

Treat for the office......brownies

The pairings are endless as well.

Top with bananas or strawberries and whipped cream.

Serve warm with ice cream and toppings.

Before baking add in some mini peanut butter cups, chopped Andes mints, or nuts. Add graham crackers and marshmallows for a s'mores version.

Make them fancy in individual ramekins sprinkled with powdered sugar.

There are so many ways to make brownies even better!

You could keep boxed mixes on hand to whip up for any of these situations, or you could make HOMEMADE brownies in the same amount of time.

These brownies from The Recipe Rebel are just as the name says "ABSOLUTELY THE BEST BROWNIES EVER"

Take a few minutes to mix up a few batches of the dry ingredients. Then all you need to do is add melted butter, eggs, vanilla, and chocolate chips. The recipe says chocolate chips are optional, but to me additional chocolate is always a must! Sometimes you really want brownies, but you really don't want to make brownies. This DIY mix will get you one step closer to homemade brownies for whatever occasion comes up. You can have your brownies in under an hour!

No matter where you take these brownies, they will get eaten! If you do happen to have any left, these brownies freeze really well. Remember the "I had a hard day treat". Take one out and warm it up for a quick dessert.

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