Lunch Packing Tips and Tricks

It is back to school time again, but packed lunches aren't just for school kids. Keep reading for lunch packing tips for the whole family!

School lunch Tips

The Kim Six Fix Lunch Packing Categories

It can be hard to pack lunches for kids

that they actually WANT to eat.

Create categories like proteins, fruits, veggies, drinks, carbs, and sweets and let your kids know how many they can have in each category. This gives kids the power to choose their lunch within the guidelines you set. Letting kids choose what they want to pack saves parents time and kids are more likely to eat what they pack. See the full post from The Kim Six Fix HERE for over 100 ideas for your category boxes.

Keep a list of items your family likes

Make a list of things your family likes to eat to hang inside a cupboard or on a bulletin board.

If you are looking for an easy printable list for lunch ideas in categories, check out this ULTIMATE LIST OF LUNCH BOX IDEAS from Finding Time to Fly.

Add in a few surprises to keep lunch interesting

Lunch making over the school year can get monotonous. It is fun to slip a little something fun in your kids lunchbox sometimes like these PRINTABLE LUNCH NOTES from One Creative Mommy. Print a bunch at the beginning of the school year so you can easily put one in their lunch box throughout the year.

Adult lunch ideas

Adults get tired of sandwiches too. Change your sandwich for a wrap or a salad. If you are tired of cold lunches, Try doubling your dinner recipe to pack for lunches the next day. Cook once and eat twice!

Did you know our reusable bags are microwave safe? This means you can pack leftovers or anything you want to heat up! They are dishwasher safe as well so clean up is easy!

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